We specialize in French-style Viennoiserie , cakes, savoury hors d’ouvres, and so much more! Our quality chefs are always baking up brand new, fresh pastries for you to enjoy over coffee in our newly renovated location.

Bringing the Sweet Taste of Paris to the Prairies

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A Regina, SK bakery that features French inspired fresh made cakes, crepes, cupcakes, desserts, coffee and tea, with take out and delivery available at Le Macaron.

Le Macaron was established by Gilles back in 2010. This was after working as an Executive Pastry Chef since 2000 in Hotel Saskatchewan and the 10 years of hard work paid off. Gilles had a dream of owning a coffee and patisserie shop, and this idea bore the existence of this great bakery in Regina, SK. Later the existence of the macaron craze started to spread to other cities, like Las Vegas and New York, and this was when he knew that it was time for him to bring his dream to reality. His efforts have paid off, since Le Macaron is now making over 10,000 sales of macarons every month.

Le Macaron is run by a team of qualified officials. Gilles is the pastry chef who has the skills required as he graduated with a diploma in pastry arts and Red Seal designation. His wife Jacqueline is the cake designer, and she is in charge of décor and staging. There is also Christine Johnson who is the restaurant manager who ensures that everything runs smoothly by monitoring all the operations and services offered to their customers.

Bakeries in Regina, SK should always offer their customers the best in desserts and sweet treats, so when you have a craving head to the best bakery in town, Le Macaron.

Le Macaron is not just a café. It offers the most delicious dessert in Regina SK. They also specialise in French-style Viennoiserie cakes in Regina, SK and much more. All your needs are covered, whether you wish to have pancakes delivered to your office or you are looking for wedding cakes in Regina, SK. Le Macaron offers simply the best cakes in Regina, SK.

Le Macaron has experienced cake bakers who specialise in baking make-to-order cakes for any occasion. Customers have reviewed the baking as of high quality, placing the cafe among the top rated bakeries in Regina, SK. Le Macaron can make both traditional and themed cakes in Regina, SK.

Bakeries in Regina, SK cannot compare to the sweet treats of French-inspired cake, cookies, cupcakes, crepe and more available at the Cathedral area bakery, Le Macaron.

Le Macaron has an experienced team to make your events unique and memorable. They specialise in making a variety of appetisers. To book them to colour your event, you need to give notice, at least 72 hours before the event, and you are assured to get the best services to make your occasion a success. The cafe has a finger-licking cheese and meat platter to complete your get together, may it be a wedding or a birthday party.

A Cathedral bakery in Regina, SK that people of all ages enjoy visiting for the delicious, decadent sweet treats and fresh coffee and tea drinks is called Le Macaron.

This bakery specialises in making crepes pastry to take dessert in Regina, SK to another level. If you taste their crepes, you will never like it from anywhere else, as they use all the ingredients at a moderate level to ensure that the tastes and flavours are perfect.

Crepes in Regina, SK, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime in between, are the tastiest when made by the skilled chefs at the best cafe in town, Le Macaron.

For the pastry lovers, Le Macaron is here to make you happy. All you need is to make an order and enjoy the decadent pastry to brighten your day. A different pastry menu is presented daily so that you can get a different flavour each visit

Desserts in Regina, SK taste best when they are hand crafted by skilled bakers who have perfected their craft using fresh ingredients, the way they do at Le Macaron.

If you are having a busy day at work or committed at home and you wish to taste some of the city’s best baking, then Le Macaron will take the trouble for you and deliver your order wherever you wish. This will save your time.
If you are seeking for a bakery in Regina, SK, visit Le Macaron or contact them today to enjoy their fantastic services. Their chefs are experienced, making this bakery the most outstanding bakery in Regina, SK. Le Macaron is well known for creating the best dessert in Regina, SK. The pastries are freshly made and you can enjoy it over coffee as you take a break from your stressful day. Do not be left out, make an effort of visiting Le Macaron!

Cupcakes in Regina, SK should be created using the best ingredients that create the best flavour, and only made by the city’s top bakers, like the ones at Le Macaron.

Desserts and sweets in Regina, SK are great for any occasion, such as a birthday party, going away party, or even just a first date, so try the best from Le Macaron.

Macaron desserts in Regina, SK are scrumptious treats that are the best when a pro baker takes the time to perfect the method, like the bakers do at Le Macaron.